THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE LIBRESOFT TOOLS, HAVE A LOOK AT http://projects.libresoft.es/projects/dataanalysis IF YOU STILL DON’T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, ASK THE LIBRESOFT STAFF AT #libresoft IN freenode.net OR USE THE DEVELOPMENT LIST libresoft-tools-devel __at_ lists.morfeo-project.org

Welcome to the LibreSoft tools web site

There exist several tools that we use to extract information about libre (free, open source) software development. These tools are libre software themselves so that they can be downloaded for free from the Internet, enhanced, or modified to suit specific needs. The tools are developed in the LibreSoft tools project in the Morfeo forge. There, official releases can be downloaded, but also current development versions can be obtained from the Subversion repository.


Name Description
Bicho bug tracking system analyzer
Conan social network analyzer
CVSAnalY source content manager system analyzer
PandaRest api Rest that make use of cvsanaly, mailstats and bicho database to show information bia web
Gglocator geographical localizator
Gluetheos coordinate other tools to implement the methodology
Mailing List Stats mboxes analyzer
Mucode most used code in Gnome applications on Debian and Ubuntu distributions
Octopus crawler of open source web sites
PyTernity authorship analyzer
Retrieval System controller of almost all tools in libresoft-tools
Seal studying libre software developers while preserving their privacy
Wholine provides history file system
WxFlawFinder reports possible security weaknesses
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